Welcome to the 2022 UVA FM Apprenticeship Program Graduation

1:30 p.m., January 26, 2023 | Newcomb Hall Ballroom

40 years - UVA Apprenticeship Program, 1982-2022

Each of the graduates recognized here today have completed four years of classroom and on-the-job training to achieve journey-level skill in their chosen trade.

Today's Agenda

  • Welcome and Introductions

    Marcus Klaton, MC, Apprenticeship Alum (Plumbing, 2019)

  • Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations Address

    Colette Sheehy, Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations, University of Virginia

  • VIDEO: Virginia Department of Labor & Industry Remarks

    Commissioner Gary G. Pan, Virginia DOLI

  • Recognition of Graduates

    Colette Sheehy, Marcus Klaton

  • Closing Remarks

    Marcus Klaton

  • Group Photo of Graduates

    Keith Woodson

Following this event, families and friends are encouraged to take photos and stay to enjoy cupcakes to celebrate the graduates as well as 40 Years of Apprenticeship in the adjacent Main Lounge.

Special thanks to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program, UVA SVPO leadership, and UVA FM leaders for the continued support of the UVA FM Apprenticeship Program.

Meet the Graduates


Brittany Collier portrait

Brittany Collier

“The apprenticeship program allowed me to be able to support my small family and open the door for more opportunities. Because of this program, I've learned skills that I will carry for the rest of my life.”

Cameron Sellers Portrait

Cameron Sellers

“I am forever grateful for the program! It not only gave me a job and knowledge but also an opportunity to meet many knowledgeable people to help further me in the electrical field. I can't believe I've already finished and can't wait to be a journeyman electrician!”

Jalisa Stinnie Portrait

Jalisa Stinnie

“The apprenticeship program gave me the opportunity to start a new career. I learn something new every day. I get to do something that not everybody can do.”


Trevor Herring portrait

Trevor Herring

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” — Banksy

Benjamin Melugin Portrait

Benjamin Melugin

“The UVA Apprentice Program is a great way to get your foot in the door to the large HVAC equipment and automation industries.”

James Simmons portrait

James Simmons

“This program has given me the chance to better not just myself but my family's life”

Matt Taylor portrait

James "Matthew" Taylor

“The Apprenticeship program has been a backbone for progressing my future as a HVAC tech. This program has given me more than just a job, it has provided me with a career. Most importantly it has given the stability and support for myself and my family. I can't thank everyone that has helped me throughout the past four years and the program enough for this opportunity.”

Jonathan Taylor portrait

Jonathon Taylor

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing!”

Rene Teran Vazquez portrait

Rene Teran Vazquez

“Success is the power of ambition and failure.”


Zouzek Abdalhusain portrait

Zouzek Abdalhusain

“The apprenticeship program gave me not only a job, it gave me limitless opportunities, so for that I will say thank you all.”

Timothy Simonin portrait

Timothy Simonin

“What drew me to UVA Apprenticeship is having the opportunity to grow and build a career to better myself and have a better future for myself and my family. During my time as an apprentice I found it very interesting to be able to learn the many different parts of not only my trade but other trades as well. It has been knowledgeable and beneficial to me to be able to work with other trades to get things accomplished.”

40th Anniversary Celebration

Flyer for the Apprenticeship Program's 40th anniversary, featuring a photo of the original apprentices from 1982 and a thank you message: 'To on-th-job trainers, supervisors, mentors, program graduates, former FM HR&T, and FM leadership. UVA Apprenticeship would not be as successful without your continued support. Presented by FM Occupational Programs.
Click to view or download full-sized flyer